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Powder Coating

Powder coating is a superior alternative to liquid paint, offering optimum coating thickness, superior bonding process, and excellent corrosion protection.

To ensure a proper coating, parts should be inspected for cleanliness, free of dirt, grease, oil, and other foreign material which may inhibit proper bonding. Naturally, we can mask and plug those critical areas as required by the customer.

The process of electro powder coating is a dry painting process in which powder particles are applied directly to the surface without the use of solvents or water. The charged powder is attracted to the grounded part to be coated.

This enables a uniform coating to be applied to all surface areas, hidden or exposed. The coated part is then heated to fuse and harden the film.

Powder coated parts reduce drips, runs, or sags and provide excellent edge coverage. Benefits of powder coating are:

  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly/No hazardous waste
  • Protective
  • Decorative
  • and Durable

Some powder types include Urethane, Epoxy, Hybrid, and Polyester. There is an endless variety of colors and textures to select.

We have the ability to offer short, medium, and long run production capabilities.

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